Road Trip (soon)

So, I’ve been a bad blogger the past week. I just moved into a new apartment AND started a new job this week. I plan on posting some pictures of my new place soon, but so far my furniture consists of my bed and a sweet free couch I got off of craigslist, and my kitchen equipment is one metal spoon about 3 plastic forks, one pot, three bowls, two teacups and well.. actually that’s it.

A rambling post continues after the jump….

My actual apartment is really sweet, although smells slightly odd, so I have to do something about that. The people in my apartment building are totally a bunch of hipsters, I should have realized that moving to this part of town, considering I’m so close to Col. Summer’s park which basically is like McCarren Park’s sister park. It’s not all bad, but some of my buildingmates (so far as I can tell) are sort of d-bags. Last night, my next door neighbor had a dance party at midnight complete with pumping bass and stomping feet. Eventually it ended about 45 minutes later. I heard people leave and go out the front door, and then about ten minutes later, the girl who lives in that apartment came back in SOBBING, and then slammed her door. I could hear her weeping in her apartment for the next 20 mins. So weird. How do you go from dance party to tear party? Booze or boys probably.

Living close-in (Portland for pretty close to downtown) means that I can pretty much walk to anything I may need to get to. The other day I walked to my babysitting gig, I thought it was pretty close, but when I looked it up, I realized it was a 4 mile round trip walk. When got there, I had to walk the baby around the neighborhood, because her parents were home, and she just wanted to chill with them. So we walked for an hour and a half. Maybe 4 more miles?? It’s weird walking around with a baby in a sling that’s not yours. Everybody thought it was mine, and I just wanted to scream “I’m not a breeder!!!!”. But whatevs… so after that I walked around with my friend Eric,we walked to Produce Row cafe and had a pretty OK dinner, and then took the bus to the Clinton St. Theater to see Bike Porn. Bike Porn was about as horrible as I thought it would be. People having sex on, with, or near bikes is totally not sexy. On the walk home, we swung by the Plaid Pantry to get some beer and encountered some people on bikes that swore they werent affiliated with pedalpalooza, but said they were biking to the “thunderdome”. (It was underneath I-5 and I-84). Me and Eric decided to go back to my place and get my citybike working again. I promptly felt like it would take too much time and decided to take my race bike there instead (sketchy decision). We rode there and met some random people on the esplanade waiting for the group we had previously talked too. Apparently, those Plaid Pantry people got caught up by trains (we went OVER bridges). But the party really sucked, and they were mostly dicks. Seriously, I tried to make conversation with this one guy, who was wearing an abhorrent costume, that consisted of spandex and ugly colors ALLOVER. I casually asked him where he got the shorts he was wearing and he was all “I don’t know, maybe the bins..” and then tried to blow me off. I then proceded to tell him that I only was asking because my friend had an equally tight, ugly, bodyfitting pair of bike tights that she got from the bins. But he was all.. I dont give a fuck (subliminally). The thing was, there werent THAT many people there, so there was no agenda to be mean to anyone, I guess he thought he was the life of the party or something.There was a DJ situation, and man, I usually will salvage a crap party by at least getting some dancing in, but the music was just AWFUL!!! So we bounced. However, Eric wanted to see where the other people came from, just to know, and I felt like I had been walking all day so I got super cranky.We went through a cut out spot in the fence in the thunderdome, but I was afraid we wouldn’t find a cut in the fence closer to where would be convenient to get home, and I was afraid we would have to backtrack, so I got pissy. Eventually we did find a place that let out. I cant remember exactly where.. maybe division???? Anyway, altogether, I think I walked about 10 miles that day. I stood at work the next day for 7 hours and when I got home, I thought my feet would seriously fall off. They didn’t. YEY. But it felt like they would until noon the next day!!

Ok.. I’m going to try to bring this rambling post on home…..

As far as the interior of my place, I haven’t worried too much about getting it furnished quite yet. I’m waiting to bring a bunch of stuff back from my mom’s house in NY next week before I start obtaining new stuff. My goal is to furnish it for less than $200.

I will definitely post pics from the road trip as they tend to be quite entertaining (America is weird). I leave for my trip (36 hrs in NY, then 6 days driving back to Portland) on Tuesday eve. Until then… here is our tentative roadtrip schedule.


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