Fashion Crimes

Disclaimer: In case you didn’t know I’m a tad bit obsessed with Law and Order.

I found these photos on Harper’s Bazaar’s website while I was looking for photos for my other internet project, “Fuck yeah Detective Cyrus Lupo”

There’s a few more, you can check out the whole shoot here.

And just because it’s possibly the best scene EVER in the whole series, you can check out Jack McCoy’s unbelievably amazing hissy fit from the final episode.


Aaaaand…Here is the first promo for Law and Order Los Angeles (LOLA) which is supposed to start airing this fall. The chick from Charmed and some guy (who looks a bit smarmy if you ask me) that I never heard of are listed on the IMDB website as castmembers.

BTW.. I call bullshit on NBC shutting down Law and Order with no freaking warning!!!


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