Midnite Mystery Ride

Pedalpalooza is here again in Portland. It’s basically a 3 week long festival of group bike rides. I think there are over 250 lined up this year. I’m not really one for group rides, especially themed ones (a vasectomy ride? Really???) Or ones that consist of thousands of naked people….. But the Midnite mystery ride is usually pretty fun, and actually happens once a month. Everyone meets at a secret spot that is only listed online an hour or two before the ride leaves. Someone is in charge of leading the ride and picking the destination, and no one else knows where that is until we get there (hence the mystery). I had to really convince myself to go to this because I didn’t really feel like going out. (Please bear with my crappy camera)

The bottom half of my outfit

We encountered the Bowie vs. Prince ride on the way there, and hung out outside of The Trap bar until midnite.

Waiting for the ride to start

I don’t really get tallbikes.

The final destination was underneath this highway overpass on the Springwater corridor bike path.

All these people driving on the highway have no idea there are 300 people having an outdoor dance party beneath them.

No idea who these dudes are.

I know these dudes though, Peter (L) from my bike team and Eric (R), my roommate. BTW Eric is totally drinking whiskey from a Trader Joe’s Gyoza dipping sauce jar. I guess it should be expected from someone who brings an Absolut vodka bottle to class to drink water from.

This guy was basically a dance party on a bike, complete with sound system and disco lights.

She came dressed for a dance party.


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2 Responses to Midnite Mystery Ride

  1. I am surprised people can even ride a bike after a Vasectomy, it took me 6 months, and I still am not comfortable on a regular bike saddle.

  2. [apparently they are going to be redoing them, have a look at this:


    it has some details that may interest you]

    [i would so love to go to New York one day it’s unreal]

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