Dejeuner sous l’herbe.

France, 1983—100 people sat down for a picnic lunch of mostly tripe, pig’s ears and smoked udders. After they were done, they immediately buried the entire picnic table with leftovers into a pre-dug 40-ft trench. A Swiss artist named Daniel Spoerri dreamt up this banquet performance.

Today, a group of French archaeologists are digging up the feast in order to practice new technologies in archaeology. Pretty weird, but also pretty cool!

This reminds me of the time (I was probably about 5) that I buried a plastic skeleton clip-on earring in my backyard so I could dig it up and pretend that I was excavating a gnome skeleton. Only problem was that I couldn’t remember where I buried it, and it is undoubtedly still in the backyard somewhere.

via The Telegraph


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