It’s Rosetime, it’s Junetime.

This afternoon, I was busy procrastinating on the internet as usual. I’ve been sick for what feels like weeks and haven’t gotten outside for a run or bike ride. I came across this photo and was like, “Oh my jeez, I need to get the frack outside!”

via An ambitious project collapsing

I set outside with my bicycle and only a faint idea of where I was going to go.

First, I rode by the Brainard Pioneer Cemetery. I wasn’t going to stop, but then I went back. Judging by the mylar helium ballons affixed to one of the gravestone, I figured that this wasn’t entirely pioneer-filled cemetery. I scanned a few of the gravestones, and the oldest one that I found was someone who lived from 1860-1911. Pretty old, not very impressive though. Most of the gravestones were small flat stones with some sort of code number on them. There was one that only read “outlaw”. I took this picture of a random gravestone, and it sucks because my camera sucks. But look, I was there!

Then I went forth, only to come across this sign, which was a whole lot scarier than the graveyard.

Then I went to New Seasons Market to get a ginger beer and check out the babe situation. It was insane. Not so much the babe situation as the situation in general. There was some lady screaming at someone for stealing her parking spot, and then she immediately almost ran me over. I practically had to fight my way to the beverage cooler, and then some guy behind me in the checkout line was nonchalantly positioning himself to leapfrog me. I’m sure he was just super worried that ringing up my one item would take up too much of his precious time. I did not let that shit happen. There were some babes spotted, but overall it was just too hectic to even appreciate it.

Then I realized that I was super close to the Bike Polo courts, and it was prime bike polo playing time. I haven’t seen these guys in forever, so I stopped by. I actually built up a polo bike with Drew in January, but the very same day I debuted it, someone from out of town cut open his arm in a crash and it was horrifying. Seriously, I saw his muscle because the cut was so wide open. All I could do when I saw it was yell, “Oh my god, you need stitches!!!” and try not to puke. He was planning on riding his bike to the hospital, and people started giving him directions. The guy was in shock, because he was more worried about his broken chain than his gaping wound. There was no way I was going to let him ride to a hospital alone in an unfamiliar town with his arm hanging out of his arm. So, I rode with him there. What a trooper, he ended up getting 15 stitches! Anyway, I had a good conversation on the bench today. They are really making some progress in organizing their league, Axles of Evil. I want to help them by writing grants to build more official, permanent facilities.

via via (my camera is too busted for action shots, these are from a while back)

Then, I headed out towards the bluffs. I passed the Peninsula Park rose garden, which is far better than the rose gardens in Washington Park, in my opinion. This park always makes me think of the Carter Family song “I Found You Among the Roses.” I like the part where he sings “It’s rose time, it’s Junetime.” It’s pretty adorable.

Then I proceeded to the bluffs for the grand finale of my ride. I went to this spot on Willamette Drive. It’s a really fantastic makeout spot. The whole industrial area is all lit up at night, and you can see some of downtown. There’s a sweet sitting log, and no one really goes down there at night. One time, I brought a date here because I thought he could use a little encouragement to make a move, but he couldn’t take a hint, it was sorta agonizing. I was so relieved to receive a way out in the form of a call from a friend inviting me to come drink beers at his place. That was the last time I went out with that guy.

And so concludes my rambling post about my aimless bike ride today. I ended up riding 19.8 miles. Now I am going to drink some coffee and study for my business ethics final, for serious. The end.


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One Response to It’s Rosetime, it’s Junetime.

  1. [i know what you mean when you get that feeling to just get up and go outside and it’s always better that if you had just stayed indoors]

    [oh and with the frisbee, my problem is that I have to learn to throw in a straight line and also that when I jump to catch it I sometimes don’t close my hand quick enough and it bounces of them, I can’t wait though, gonna buy one and go to Blackheath and play there]

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