Films for Friday!

Flame and Citron

This movie is awesome. I usually avoid WWII movies just because they tend to be downers. I was somewhat conjoled into watching it, but am glad that I was. This movie was in Danish, and about the Danish resistance against the Nazis. Additionally the “Flame” was a sexy ginger dane, so, yeah, that sorta put the icing on the cake. Epic.

Dead Snow (Død snø)

I like really bad zombie movies. I actually had the chance to write an essay about the sociological meanings of zombie movies in my Horror Films class. A very enjoyable subject to wax philosophically upon. Although, my commentary while watching zombie movies mostly consists of  “This could totally happen!” and “Ew!”. Cold Snow was B- territory (although I have yet to see an Oscar worthy performance in a zombie flick, can anyone else name one?). It was sort of self conscious with verbal and amputational references to Evil Dead. The overall movie was pretty great though, the zombies were realistic looking and scary! Nazi zombies……ridiculous, terrifying and inappropriate.

Splendor in the Grass

Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty star in this film as a sexy teenage couple. I have been trying to check this movie out for a while, but unfortunately it seems my apprehension was well-deserved as this movie turns out to be a 2 hour long PSA against pre-marital sex. The moral being that if you even think about doing it, you go crazy and end up in a looney bin. I reasoned that maybe a good love story would be woven into the plot, but nope. Dislike. Admittedly, this movie didn’t receive my full attention when I was watching it, and got pretty good reviews elsewhere. Still, not really into it.

All of these movies are on instant Netflix.


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