Summer Adventures

My first summer in Portland (2005) is what I refer to as my utopian summer. Despite the fact that I had a customer service job in Beaverton, with two exceptionally mean co-workers, I was so happy that it made me slightly suspect that I had a brain tumor! What were the things that made it this way? Well for one, exploring a new city/state/coast, probably had a ton of influence on the matter. But additionally, I also did these things, like ALL the time:

camping on the coast, sleeping under the stars
thrift store shopping (because it’s fun and I was broke)
walking everywhere
walking really far with Robot
Laying around in Laurelhurst park
Reading a ton of books (The Fountainhead and Walden are two that come to mind)
Playing guitar and singing
Seeking out and listening to new music (Neutral Milk Hotel!!!)
Playing frisbee
Not watching TV and barely going on the internet
Having the general mindset that every interaction with someone is the chance to learn something new.

School and life has wrung a bit of the optimism that I once possessed out of me, but I am 6 credits away from graduation, and this year is my chance to have Utopian Summer part deux.

There are some cool places in Portland and Oregon that I still have yet to explore, here are a few that are on my list:

Berry Botanic Garden
Ghost Towns in eastern Oregon
Crater Lake
Heslin House Museum
Zimmerman House Museum
Troutdale Historical Society
The Hat Museum
Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden
Oregon Maritime Museum
John Day Fossil Beds
Ape Cave
Museum of Contemporary Craft
Pittock Mansion

** also I have about a week between spring quarter and summer quarter, I would love to do a bike tour, since I have no dalmatian to worry about until somewhere in the first week of July. If I do it right, I could extend a tour until June 25th, as long as I plan to do my homework in libraries along the way!!**


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2 Responses to Summer Adventures

  1. Diane says:

    Utopian summers should always be something to strive for and I totes want one this year. I just graduated as well (congrats to your impending graduation!) and instead of plunging into the work world, I’m only toying with the idea of actually looking for work in my field of study. I might just get a few part-time retail jobs, sell stuff on Etsy on the side for a bit, and just work up a bit of cash to venture out on a road trip this summer. Your list of visits sounds so sweet…I should pay some visits to my local museums as well.

  2. jenniferyumyums says:

    Getting a low stress job this summer definitely sounds utopian, I may hold off on pursuing a job in my field right away too!

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