Rocks my world.

KATE BUSH-The man with the child in his eyes.
-because everyone needs a little interpretive dance/silver unitard combo in their life.
I’m back in NY after a brief sojourn in St. Augustine FLA.


On my trip, I:

1. Saw a truck that had about 100 turkeys stacked on top of each other in wire cages. They were exposed to the elements, so mean.

2. Fed a little kitty some dog food

3. Ate gator tail

4. Felt the tease of 4 hours of 80 degree weather. (See you again in 6mos or so.)

5. Sat in a car for over 36 hours

6. Listened to 6 Woody Guthrie albums

7. Walked around in Flip-Flops and my winter coat.

8. Smoked at least a pack of cigarettes.

9. Drank two supremely disappointing margaritas.

10. Still had a twitch in my eye from finals, even though I got my grades back (which were better than anticipated!)

11. Scored a pair of clear frame Wayfarers (rad)


About Jennifer

I like fun stuff.
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