Dead Man’s Bones- i heart concept albums


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Dead Man’s Bones is Ryan Gosling (yeah, the guy from The Notebook) and Zach Shield with the Silverlake Conservatory Music Children’s Choir. They just put out a concept album. It sounds like 60s folk and doo-op mixed with zombie movie soundtrack. Which are a few of my favorite things. Anyway, They are playing at Mississippi studios on Oct.25th.

Here is an MP3 of My body is a zombie for you


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3 Responses to Dead Man’s Bones- i heart concept albums

  1. melishus says:

    i discovered these guys too late to get to see them when they were in town. so sad.

    i first was intrigued by this band when a friend of mine read me this review…which is slightly horrible and also really funny. enjoy!

  2. jenniferyumyums says:

    That review is golden. It’s true, they really do have a certain chemistry on stage, with witty banter etc.. It was especially apparent when the Ryan Gosling fangirls made their presence known towards the end of the show. Haha!

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