30 mile bike ride. My first attempt at Skyline.

Picture 3

I mapped out the route on googlemaps. The plan was to ride to St.Johns, cross the St. Johns’ bridge. Take Germantown road to Skyline which would eventually lead to Council Crest. Then ride back through downtown and SE. It seems that the correct direction to be going on Germantown road is towards Rt.30, not Skyline. I saw plenty of spandex clad roadies bombing the hill, but not one going up it. That road means business, definitly steeper than I anticipated. Maybe a 8-9% incline.

Picture 2

Anyway it was fun.


The St. Johns Bridge is so pretty. It reminds me of postcards from the 50’s and 60’s



I didnt really stop for photos once I got to Skyline, because it was nice to be riding faster than 8 miles an hour without feeling like I was going to keel over. I figured I would take some more from Council Crest and its 360 views. But alas, ’twas not meant to be. I didn’t bring a map (not a great idea). I figured that Skyline goes most of the way to Council crest, and would just figure it out when I got to the end of Skyline. This was not the case. I got to where Skyline meets the Sunset Hwy, and had absolutely no clue where to go from there. I called a few people to see if they could look it up for me, but no dice.

A) Where I was   B) Where I wanted to go

A) Where I was B) Where I wanted to go (2 miles away)

So instead, I took a weird bus that picked me up on the onramp to the highway. I took that about 3 miles into downtown. I was sort of terrified to put my bike on the front of a bus that was about to get onto a highway. I got off at 5th and Columbia and then rode from there to Taqueria Los Gorditos on 50th and Division. I love that place. Their burritos are cheap, they have a ridiculous amount of vegan/vegetarian options, and thier hot sauce is so garlicky and wonderful. So I grabbed my order, headed home, ate dinner and seriously passed out at 7pm for about 2 hours. It was awesome.

I must buy a map this week.


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