Spammy internet IQ tests just crossed the frickin’ line.

So, I decided to blow off doing homework last night. Not so that I could go out, but rather so I could stay in and watch the latest episode of Law and Order on a pirated totally legit website. So, I find the episode that I want and see this…

Picture 3

Basically, just a bunch of of rugged handsome-ness and a whole lot of handsome rugged-ness. But what is this at the bottom of the screen???

Picture 6

I just had a conversation about people/creature hybrids with my roommates the other night, I was therefore intrigued. I could not simply ignore it. Is is REAL or is it FAKE??? So, I scroll down a tad, and start to become horrified. This one is going to be a doozie.

Picture 7

It gets worse, a lot worse. Seriously, don’t proceed unless, you too, want to be horrified.

Picture 1



AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH WTF WTF WTF WTF OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why would someone make this happen???? Who would actually take the illusion test after being assaulted by this terrifying image? Oh, the humanity!!!

And…… This episode of Law and Order was based on the Hipster Grifter.


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