Things I’ve recently seen in the back of pickup trucks

Last week I was making a left hand turn on the outside of a pickup truck making a left hand turn at the same time. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something slightly furry in the back of the truck. My brain instantly inferred that it was a dog, but when I actually got a look it was three guys laying down in the back of the truck. (I think the furriness was facial hair, its possible it was three hippies) Now I assume they were doing this because that’s just how they were rolling and it’s most likely illegal downtown, but they could have probably taken the bus instead.

(not actual dudes)

(not actual dudes)

Then today I was coming back from NW waiting for the light at Burnside, when a pick up truck turned onto Third from Burnside with an upright piano in the back. It must’ve hit a pothole because the piano bounced up onto one of the sides of the truck and was just balancing there. I expected it to bounce again into the middle of the road. It managed to miraculously remain in the truck.


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