Pink Franzia

Sara and I were planning on putting the half drank box of pink Franzia from my birthday (over a month ago) on craigslist for free and then leaving it on the sidewalk to watch to see who picks it up. I think its a good idea. Although it’s possible that the type of people that are stoked on drinking an old box of Franzia probably don’t have internet access. I guess that could just be a stereotype. There are definitely winos in our neighborhood. I’ve seen bottles of Sutter Home with the cork pushed in peppering the sidewalks while I take Robot on his daily walks.

Today I was in front of the house and Sara was somewhat discreetly hidden around the side of the house. Apparently there was a man in a car sitting in front of our house. He waited until I went inside and then Sara saw him take a photo of our house, look at the picture and then drive away. Creepy. Also, Robin saw someone do the same thing a little while ago. Once, one of our neighbors asked if he could come back and take a picture of a bush in the yard. What’s the deal? Our house is sweet but not overly impressive.


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One Response to Pink Franzia

  1. Sara says:

    i think the fact that the winos dont have internet access will make the person who comes to pick up the box of wine even more interesting. watching a wino pick up a gross old box of wine wouldnt be something id sit around on the porch waiting for. well, i guess i might end up doing that, if it turns out that winos do have access to the internet.

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